• Steve Padilla, Remax Partners - When properties are inspected, many times the HVAC system needs service, repairs and even replacement.  With a pending sale in the balance, it is imperative that we have someone like Chris who can address these issues quickly, professionally and reliably. I use McConahy Mechanical not only for our listed properties, but for my own home as well.  He has built his business with honesty and integrity and I am thankful to work with him.
  • Todd Tamcsin, Photographer - As an artist, I don't know much about HVAC systems. But using Chris for maintenance and repairs has been great because he always takes the time to explain my options - and he does whatever he can to extend the life of my units instead of pressuring me to buy new equipment.  And when the time comes for those units to be replaced, you can be sure McConahy Mechanical will do the job.
  • Jim Metcalf, Facilities Director / Anthem - We use Chris McConahy for HVAC contract maintenance and repairs in our commercial facilities.  With McConahy Mechanical, the outcomes are always good and it seems he always finishes the work ahead of schedule.  We have been working together for several years and I expect that we will continue to do so for years to come.”