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With customizable Screensavers and Wallpapers, preloaded Nature & Holiday themes.  It's the thermostat that thinks it is a digital picture frame.

Air Conditioner Repair


Some contractors will sell you a "system service" which is little more than a paid inspection, and a chance for them to find something that may need to be fixed.  

The reality is that maintenance of your heating & AC system is actually quite straight-forward.  Just a little bit of attention goes a long way towards ensuring years of trouble-free operation.  

Some of these items can be done on your own.  But for maintenance of sealed and electrical components, it is best to use a licensed professional such as McConahy Mechanical.  

When we maintain a system, we don't just inspect it - we perform a variety of services to the unit to be sure it is ready to perform.

Filters. The single cheapest, easiest - and the most important thing you can do for your system is to keep your filters clean.

Coil Cleaning. Clean coils reduce the load on your system, save energy and prolong equipment life. 

Drains. Your system will generate water when operating properly, so be sure all drains are clear.

Refrigerant.  Be sure that the system is leak-free and charged with the correct amount of refrigerant.

Motor & Blower Components. Service the sealed areas of your system including electrical connections, motor and blower components.


Your heating and AC system is asked to do a great deal of work - especially here in the desert.  And the reality is that components do fail and systems go down despite the very best maintenance.

Warranty Work.  We service all makes and models of heating and AC equipment.  And we can process your warranty claims when repairs are covered.

Out-of-Warranty Repairs. When your system is out of warranty, it is extra important to be sure that you are getting qualified service at a fair price.  We will work hard to find coverage for all repairs.  But if no coverage is available, we will take the time to explain your options and work hard to keep your costs down.  It is our goal to earn your referrals and positive reviews.

Emergency Service. We never charge extra for nights, weekends or holidays.  Visit our page on Emergency Service to learn more.